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I got my Bialetti today! It’s an Italian coffee percolator (sorta). I was doing online research for a mid-century style coffee percolator like my parents used and kept running across these. The reviews were always great and I thought I’d give it a try

Yes Virginia, I do know how odd this sounds since I have been a hot tea drinker from the beginning and never even considered drinking coffee. Not in college, not in law school, not thru raising three kids or even being in the workplace. Not until about a year ago when Lisa made me one of her Carmelitas, a coffee and heated condensed milk caramel stcky delight. And I was hooked. I still drink lots of hot tea, but now I enjoy coffee too. And I am exploring the different grinds and processes. My favourite coffee so far is a Sumatran, but I also like a good French roast. Right now the French Press is my preferred method.  I have a feeling that this will become my new favourite process!


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