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With apologies to Jim Stafford. But I really don’t… At all… So guess what, as I was taking Teddy outside a little while ago a black snake jumped off the ladder by the lounge chairs on the lanai. Believe it or not, I honestly think he was more scared than I was, and Virginia, that’s saying a lot! He ran on by my feet and over into the corner by the screen door to the side yard. Of course that’s the door I needed to use for Teddy. Taking a deep breath I took Ted out, rather quickly. He wasn’t much interested in the snake thankfully. I’ve decided to name the snake “Cotton Eyed Joe” because – well, you know… “where did he come from? Where did he go?”

Having survived the snake ambush I brought Teddy back in and started to unload the dishwasher. I was putting some cups away in the cupboard above the pantry racks and bumped a container of dried fruits. Actually I more brushed my hand across it. Out came galloping a huge garden spider that I had touched as I was brushing my hand across the fruit to open the cabinet.

Just imagine – Spiders and Snakes all within five minutes. After I came to (only joking but I felt like passing out) I put the cups away and told Lisa I was going back upstairs because I’d had all the cardiovascular exercise I needed for the week. She just laughed at me… 🤣😂

I don’t have any pictures of spiders or snakes and I’m not likely to go looking for them to take a picture, plus I figure most folks already know what they look like so here’s a picture of Teddy instead.

Theodore aka “Teddy”