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Currently reading The Girl Who Played with Fire by Steig Larsson
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I don’t care for pigeonholes. I don’t like to be ‘labeled’ and ‘processed’ and thought of as ‘predictable.’ I don’t want someone saying “Well, that sounds like him” or “Nah, couldn’t have been him – He’d never do that” No pigeonholes, please. No fences or corrals and nothing inside the box. I have too much imagination to close the lid on that box, thank you. And, I am too stubborn to listen to “you can’t do that.” So, Welcome to my World. No beginning, no ending. A place where imagination is King, but the King keeps one foot firmly rooted in reality – no Secret Life of Walter Mitty here. More like a Bill Watterson-esque realm where 21st century form and neolithic fashion blend seamlessly into an interwoven background fabric of myth, science, magic, reality and fact. Its fusing dissimilar concepts into perfectly reasonable dinner party topics. Well… maybe not perfectly reasonable… Cognitive dissonance at its finest. AKA “AN OPEN MIND”