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I painted a door this past weekend.

Not a major accomplishment, I know.

Especially considering that I have a bathroom shower to finish tiling, several other rooms to paint and about 3000 square feet of floor tile to lay down.  And I have been putting off doing all of that for several years now.

But, I painted a door.

It was dingy and dirty, had rust spots and generally looked neglected and forlorn.  I thought it needed a little help.

After all, this is the entrance to my home.  I walk past this door every morning on my way to work and every evening on my way home.  It is an old friend with whom I stop and spend a little time with several times a day.  It helps to keep the wolves at bay.  It silently stands guard night and day helping to keep my family safe.  All it ever asks for is an occasional coat of paint.


So, I painted a door this past weekend.

There is something soothing and calming about painting.  Not that it is a mindless activity, just one that requires very little outward thought.  That leaves me with plenty of room for inward thought while I paint.  I use nice easy brush strokes always running with the grain.  I prefer to do several thin coatings to avoid runs and drips and get that beautiful smooth finish.  It is never a race to be won; there are no deadlines to meet. A fresh coat of paint makes everything bright and clean, unsullied and unmarked, ready to start life anew.  I don’t think that’s too much for an old friend to ask – for a fresh start.


I painted a Door this past weekend.

…Maybe it was a major accomplishment after all.

You are welcome – my old friend.

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