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So Okay – the other day we decided to try “extreme thrifting”.  We had read about a Goodwill clearance center in a town not to far from home and we made a day out of it.  Drove up there, stopped at a few yard sales along the way and had dinner plans for the way back.  Now I think Goodwill Thrift store are very interesting – always an eclectic mix and decent prices.  I always wind up with something other than what I had in mind when I went out, but thats part of the fun in thrifting.

A Goodwill Clearance center is a whole different animal.  Everything was in big bins on wheels (think of those laundry carts on wheels that the hotels use – you know the ones they always use to hide someone in in the movies).  There must have been about 15 rows of these and at least 15 or 20 to a row.  Stuffed.  You name it – it was stuffed in those bins somewhere.

And – everything was sold by weight.  That’s right – it was weighed on a scale at the register.  Brings me to my big find – ties.  Beautiful, designer, pristine, all silk ties.  I sifted through the bins with the ties – after an hour or so I had 35 ties picked out.  Countess Mara, Armani, Bill Blass, Oscar, Robert Talbott, Brooks Brothers, Banks, Italian designers I’ve never heard of, Hermes, Don Loper, J Garcia, Nordstroms, Southern Proper.

Now for the best part – at the register.  I took my haul up there, set it into the basket on the scale and it weighed in at just over 3lbs.  I had no earthly idea what that was going to cost me – From the sign I knew that clothing was 1.35 per pound, however the cashier told me that ties were classed differently – they were 49 cents per pound.  $0.49….   that made my ties be 1.58.  One Dollar and 58 cents.  Not each – for the entire bundle.  All 35 ties – $1.58 total.  That’s less than a nickel for each tie.   WOW!

the picture does not do them justice - of course the background isn't helping much