Hoo Boy – Was I excited to get Ice Cream Sandwich Monday morning!  It was a complete surprise – I wasn’t expecting ice cream sandwiches as I had read that Samsung wasn’t going to push that through to their Galaxy II.  My excitement lasted about 10 minutes…  it took me that long to get my first error.  Not that I am complaining, I am impressed with Ice Cream Sandwich – in my opinion its far better than Gingerbread.  But the error – it was my swype that was broken and I was beginning to realize that my big fat fingers were going to have to use the regular keyboard input on my phone – no easy task for me!  Swype was the main reason I was able to text.  I suffered two days of that torture – I kept hoping it would somehow right itself.  But everytime I tried to use swype there was that error: “Open English(US) Failed”  Oh, the humanity…

I found a fix – and a relatively easy one – after searching the boards – here it is

For those with the borked Swype, here’s how to fix it:

Clear data in Swype (Manage applications>All>Swype>Clear Data)
Go into Swype settings, Toggle to Spanish, then back to English.
Open a text box and long press the text box>Input method>Swype.

Thank you Board Person!