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Beautiful day out today, but I still didn’t do much of anything. I did find instructions to make a cool strawberry planter out of an old pallet. I am going to look for one at work tomorrow to see if I can make it over the weekend. I’ll post a picture if I do.


We took Ava to Steak & Shake today – one of her favourite restaurants. She spent the night last night and then stayed with us all day today. Ava got the kids sliders, I got a cheesy cheddar burger and Lisa got the double stack. Their sweet tea was awful so I traded out for a root beer.

20131230-211505.jpgEverything else was good though. We had to wait awhile to get a seat – funny that they were so busy on a Monday, but they were really slammed. I guess maybe it was because the kids are still out on Christmas break.

I have to go back to work tomorrow – ugh! I’ve been off since the 18th of December! Yay for Holidays and accrued vacation pay! Tomorrow’s gonna suck though 😦